Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Home décor tips for the summer

She sank into the cosy composition of her vintage grey swivel arm chair and gently brushed her hands across the velvet fabric. Red wine, BBQ pizza and Netflix, all indicative of a LEGEN- wait for it- Dary, Saturday evening of Sabrina.
6A.M sounded the alarm. Sabrina groggily rubbed her eyes, snoozed the alarm and turned off the TV. She stood by the door of her room, flipped the light switch and gazed proudly at her recent work. After shifting to a new apartment in Andheri, Interior Designer, Sabrina James had undertaken her first project, under her banner ‘Sabrina James Associates’. Colour, stripes, lights, organic living, what anyone could’ve wished for in a home!

Here are some tips for you to bring in the summer and rock your homes, just like Sabrina!

1.      Update old furniture:
Breathe life into old chairs and tables by simply applying a coat of glossy spray paint in a summery hue of parakeet green or sapphire blue. The glossy paint enhances the appeal of the furniture and gives it a modern edge.

2.      Brighten up your living space:
Throw open the doors and windows for the Au Naturel charm that is classic summer! Whitewashed curtains, flower boxes by the windows and cushions in citrus shades, will help accentuate the summer mood!

3.      Stripe a pose:
Zebra- like patterns are sober and elegant for interiors. However, if you’re looking for vibrancy and energy- go for a black and red mix or a lime green.  It’s always great to come up with original ideas, especially when choosing upholstery designs; think chic, unconventional and unique.

4.      The Minimalist:
Resist the urge to clutter the hallway with unnecessary items. Instead, look for smart storage solutions like built-in shelves and wardrobes, in which you can store as much behind what essentially looks like a blank wall. Additionally, you can go in for white slipcovers for the sofa with an elegant bouquet of flowers to add contrast to the room.

5.      Present a style statement:
Display is one of the most powerful tools in interiors because of the diversity in furnishings available to experiment with, from pots, to paintings, to sculptures, to books or even baskets. Animate your living spaces with innovative, contemporary pieces that are both, jazzy and striking.

This summer deviate your hot heads from the scorching heat, towards the creative and innovative experimentation of your homes, and some, much needed Vitamin-D to go along with it!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Organize your way ahead in life

Remember back in school when the school diary was the single most important book you had to make sure was part of your daily load? Where everything from notes, to important dates, to timetable, remarks, punishment, prayers- all found mention in the diary.

If you come to think of it, the diary was in fact the school instilling in children the importance of getting organized.

At a professional level, management theory also deals with the aspects of organizing, i.e determining and providing the human and non-human resources to the organizational structure.

Understand the benefits of an organized life at home, and at work:

1.      Time Management:
Life is so chaotic. At one time, there are multiple thoughts going on in our heads. What to wear for the evening dinner, what should I cook for lunch, How do I execute this idea, Where should I go for vacation this summer?
We’re all chasing time, trying to get things done and meet those deadlines. Maintaining a daily planner can be so handy here. Conference call at 4PM- Presentation submission at 9PM- James’ birthday today, etc.
This way, you’ll manage your time wisely and never miss out on an important proposal either! Time managed in a better way, ensures better productivity.

2.      Health and well-being:
In all the hustling around, we forget our health. Ignore headaches, back pains, fevers, flu and resort to professional help only when the pain becomes chronic and unbearable. The 21st century has made human beings so competitive, that we’re all participants in a rat race that has no visible end. Eat your healthy and nutritious meals, drink lots of water, take your breaks, become stricter with exercise, get good sleep and breathe.

3.      Fun and frolic:
Growing up we miss out on the memories with parents, when they aren’t around much. Then suddenly one day, the child moves overseas for education, she starts working, then she’s married.
Plan. Organize. Implement. Don’t wait for opportunities, create them. A lot can change in a span of 10 years, get yourself together and ensure than you make time for family and friends. When you’re breathing your last, no one’s going to bother about the extra hours you put in at work, or the deadlines that you met. They’ll remember the memories you created with them, the advice you gave and the examples you set.

No one said this is going to be easy, but you have to begin somewhere. We will all turn into slaves of our own doing. Become more aware of what’s happening, try enjoying events, parties, get-togethers while you can, manage your time well and organize life; it will create opportunities you never anticipated were possible!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Boxania.com exhibits at the Fashion Boulevard!

As this festive season is soon to end, we couldn’t think of a better way to reach out to all our lovely customers than to exhibit. The Fashion Boulevard took place on 11th December at Radio Club. An array of our products were exquisitely displayed and we are thankful for all the compliments we received. We are also so thrilled to have you purchase our products and we're sure that these will help you store and organize your home beautifully. With the hustle-bustle of the crowd around, we couldn’t help but smile with the beaming energy at this place. 

Boxania.com at the Fashion Boulevard 

We look forward to seeing you again very soon!
Team Boxania.com

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

5 quick ways to make your living simpler

We live in a world that is filled with chaos and sometimes we tend to give little things a complete miss. These little things could make our life far from difficult. All you need is a touch of decluttering coupled with ingenious products. Here are 5 quick ways to make your living faster and a happier one!

1. Keep tab on your medication effortlessly 
It’s easier to miss out on your doses and more so to even forget to have them. Medicine boxes as these make life so much simpler when it comes to organizing your medication. All you need to do is sort all your medicines on the very first day of the week itself and watch yourself reach out for your timely doses effortlessly.

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2. Because your toiletries deserve a cozy home
We all go through reaching-at-work-late mornings. It gets even worse when the things we require immediately are nowhere to be found or is a huge hunt to go through. A toothbrush holder can help organize all your essentials so when you wake up in the morning you don’t have to go through any hassle of finding what you need.
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3. The perfect place for your pages to reside
Don’t underestimate the power of pretty book shelves. They don’t only add up on being the perfect home for your adored reads but are also an added touch of home décor that complement any setting beautifully. Watch your bedroom or living transform as you organize your reads but with a touch of fine taste of course.

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4. There’s nothing better than an organized work space
One thing that can help you organize your tasks and your mind would be your desk tray at work that can help you store all your important details in one single place. It’s right there in front of you helping you declutter and organize your tasks. Bonus points for added cleanliness it brings on your work desk.

Image courtesy: thelegalcareergirl.wordpress.com

5. Pretty trinket boxes for your daily fix
These little babies do their jobs very well when it comes to nestling in your favourite drop earrings or dainty necklaces that you reach out for every day. Take to its appealing aura as it complements your dressing table exceptionally well. Make those getting-dressed-early-mornings a smooth task with these by your side.

Image courtesy: westelm.com

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

6 Fuss-Free Ways To Organize Your Closet

Organizing closets is one task where its importance is undermined completely. We go through the hassle of putting things together in place but we forget to invest in certain products that make our lives easier! Instead of stacking your jewellery in one place, a jewellery box could play its role in nestling your pieces in effortlessly. Here are 6 ways to infuse a vibe of space and storage in your closets instantly. 

1.  Classic cuffling boxes 
We often tend to splurge on expensive products and don’t take as much care when it comes to preserving it! A cuffling box is essential to store in your little essentials. Its various compartments would behold all your necessary work stuff and will make it easier for you to fetch out for in the mornings too. 

Cuffling Boxes

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1. Hangers that make you smile
Some loathe the process of wrapping and unwrapping clothes when it comes to organizing our closets. The best way to tackle this apprehension is through cute accompanying hangers that would make your cleaning task a little more fun. You can use these fancy hangers to hand your jewellery too for its optimum display. Apart from which, they would complement your wardrobe well.

Swan Hangers

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3. Wonderful watch boxes
Take note of what’s currently in your closet and what is daily wear and formal wear. Keep your daily wear essentials ahead of your formal wear ones. This way your morning routine becomes a lot easier. Now segregate your watches for daily and formal wear. Pick the ones that are formal and stack them neatly in watch boxes. These make for the perfect cozy homes for your adored watches. 

Watch Boxes

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4. Beautiful baubles deserve a home
Your stack of exquisite earrings to elaborate necklaces deserve a nook that can be tucked in safely. Invest in a good jewellery box with multiple compartments to nestle in your jewellery effortlessly. Its use is not to be underestimated. In every way, it helps in keeping count and check on your adored pieces and prevents breakage or damage to them.

Jewellery Boxes
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 5. Tippy-top shelves
Go the extra mile and invest in top shelves to make your cleaning process a lot easier. Shelves help in segregating your essentials and are important for long term storage as well. They also give a neater stacked look and help you in picking out what you need instantly. Flat-out shelves also help in better storage due to more space.

Multiple Shelves
Image courtesy: diyncrafts.com

6. Turn those laundry baskets into a useful hack
A great way to resue, recycle and reinvent would be to hoard old laundry baskets and use them as your closet storage item. Put those old winter clothes and other essentials that are not in use this season into the basket and place it on your top shelf. This way, your greater lot of the needed essentials are right in front of you and help you in picking out your best! 

Laundry Baskets
Image courtesy: familyhandyman.com

Monday, December 7, 2015

Wonderful Wedding Gift Ideas

With the festive season upon us, it is but natural that wedding favours for your guests are of uttermost importance and should be coupled with a lot of thought and love! No one should feel bouts of guilt at your wedding when they decide to throw out cards or your wedding favours. Stick to something indispensable as opposed to typical gifting pieces that are usually tucked away. 

1.Traditional Trays
Elegant but practical gifts are the best way to remind your guests of the wedding day. Presentation is key so take to traditional trays that can behold an array of sweets, mithai and chocolates along with your wedding card. These trays make for the perfect piece of home décor and come in handy for your guests while entertaining. This one’s sure to serve various purposes and make them smile! 

2.Intricate Treasure Boxes
Handcrafted pieces are always a charm to look at and never fail in the least to add a dose of vintage spark. Traditional treasure boxes make for the perfect wedding favours as its various compartments can behold several treats and gifts. These can be used later as jewellery boxes to preciously store their adored pieces. Boxes designed with an old world charm always adds a touch of regal flair. 

3.Gorgeous Gaming Sets
Nothing like fun paired with a great piece that can be used for years to come. Combine luxe design with flawless cards and there you have the perfect wedding gift favour. Everyone loves a little infusion of childlike innocence and wonderful games. A gaming box can be also be your perfect pick as it only adds more warmth and spark to your entire gifting option.

4.Treasured Tissue Boxes
When practicality comes together with great design then you have the perfect wedding favour piece. Intricately crafted tissue boxes are more than a utility. They complement any space and every guest is bound to take to its handiness invariably. Without a doubt, these would please your guests and would thereby add a touch of elegance to your guest’s home. 

5.Decadent Date Boxes
Opt for niche and delicious wedding favours such as gifting tasty dates for your guests. Date boxes as these make for the perfect accompaniment with your wedding card. Indulge in all its rich glory and delicious taste as you make your guests smile. These boxes also make for the perfect storage solution once your guests have devoured every bit of your thoughtful gift!

Turn those wedding favours into an easy fix for yourself and for your guests too. Without a doubt, these intricate pieces would be treasured by your adored guests for years to come! 
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